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In the old days (I have been working with interactive/touch products since 1995!), before you could use an interactive whiteboard, you had to calibrate. Actually, although in many circumstances this is no longer needed, this feature is still built into Windows OS, for example when working with touch products. During this process, you have to actually touch a series of points, so the computer “learns” the dimensions of the touch area.

I regularly try to spend some time with my good friend and mentor Jim Stelter. To me, Jim is a Sales & Marketing genius, and no match when it comes to structured management ideas (he also has the nicest family in the world, and is a great friend, so spending time with them is an absolute pleasure…).

So last December, when we sat in Jim’s basement in his house during a cold and snowy Michigan winter day, we started talking about stress, happiness, and how to balance your life. Jim showed me a drawing on his wall, something he uses and which I have used ever since.

Jim talks about regularly calibrating yourself, using 8 “touch points”: family, professional, financial, social, mental, physical, spirit and community. For each of these points, ask yourself: how am I doing? What are my priorities in the next weeks/months/years? What can I do better? But also: what am I doing right.

As I am trying to teach my son when he is studying, checks on where you stand, are very important. So the final step in studying, is self-examination. It helps you in knowing where you stand and thus planning your priorities. But more important, it will give you peace of mind once you know you’re actually doing well.

I invite you all to try it. Maybe visualize it, or put it on paper. Maybe do it together with your partner or even the whole family. Maybe use it as a New Year’s resolution. Or a mental detox in the beginning of this spring. I promise you, calibrating yourself will contribute to your happiness!

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